Sunday, April 27, 2008


Do you have any particular area in your family that if you make a silly mistake in that area then you will either be disowned, mocked through the eternities, or both? Well, in the Boyle family I have committed one of the cardinal sins. I proclaimed to the world (without a professional opinion) that my horses baby was a filly (girl). Well, after further examination (by one more qualified than myself) she is actually a colt (boy). For someone from a animal oriented family this is like saying that your own child is a girl when it is a boy, because animals are valued as equals. (ok, not equals but atleast family)
In my defense, the only time that I remotely had the chance to "check" the colt was when someone else held him on the ground and lifted his tail. In that position it is a little hard to see anything that would distinguish between a filly and a colt. Besides the guy that was holding him down felt around on his belly to find his umbilical cord, and didn't find "the goods" either, so I don't feel quite so good.
Thus ends my attempt at being a adequate member of the family... can't tell the difference between boy and girl horses, and I can't play basketball.... I'M A DISGRACE!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a BOY!!! (Whoops! Sorry to anyone who read this post before)


The wait is finally over! Jazman, my horse, finally had her baby during the night last night. (I have come to the conclusion that waiting for this baby was almost as bad as waiting for a human baby)IMG_3312 She had a little colt (boy) sometime between 11 last night and 6 this morning, and as you can see, she is a cutie! And look at his little white nose!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elena gets to eat!


After a few weeks of listening to Elena squeal every time we sit down to eat dinner we finally decided that maybe it was time to let her eat some real food.  (Well it isn't really food, it is more like slop)


I'm sure that most of the cereal went on her face or her bib, but she acted like she really enjoyed it, she just didn't know how to swallow it.  It's crazy how fast babies grow up!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like father like daughter?

There have been many times when my mother-in-law insisted that she did not raise David in a barn, but when he does things like, say, drinking APPLESAUCE out of the jar, then I wonder... However, because of my deep love for him I have got used to these (as Dave would say) slight maladies of character. (who talks like that? Anyway...) The only time that I question my devotion to him, is when he starts teaching our daughters to behave like college, freshman, boys that do not have the time to get a dish out of the cupboard, but they can watch hours of 24.

Oh well, I guess this is why they say we must love our families unconditionally.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Music Prodigy?

I did it!! I finally video of Ella singing on video!! Ella loves to sing to the music from Enchanted!! (She actually loves to sing to almost anything) She is also amazing at remembering the context of the song. For example, we have a CD of Disney music and if she has seen the movie that the song is from, she can tell you what movie it is from and what is happening in the movie when the song plays. She will be in the kitchen and a movie will be playing in the living room, and she will tell me exactly whst part of the movie it is by listening to the music. Hopefully some of the Davis genes have passed to her, so she can be even better at music then Dave and I are! (not that the Boyle side isn't musical)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Elena's 1st Easter!!

For Elena's first Easter, we went to Papa's house. (as Ella would say)

Since Elena isn't really getting around Ella went in the yard (yes we did an OUTDOOR Easter hunt somehow) and found all of the eggs and baskets that the Easter bunny hid. Elena got her bug, (shown above) a frog that lights up, and her flower (shown below). Which miraculously were all HUGE hits. (Considering she was only 4 months I consider that miraculous) The Easter Bunny must have some special carrot sense that us parents don't have.
(Don'tcha love the face)
Ella got LOTS of eggs with toys, an Easter Bunny Mr. Potato Head, CANDY, Bath Crayons, and Enchanted. She had a great time having the Easter Bunny come to Dranma and Papas house this year.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Curse of 1st South

On Monday, March 31st, I (Dave...yes thats right, I am actually contributing to the "family" a.k.a Brook's blog) went to work. The night before it had snowed here again. When I looked into the rearview mirror I thought I saw ice on the windows which is not an unusual event during winter in the Arctic...oh, I mean Idaho. Anyways, I turned on the rear defroster and realized a few minutes later that the window was not changing. As I was driving 70 mph down the highway I took the opportunity to stare into my rear view mirror for several minutes (imagine what that must have looked like to the other cars on the road). I realized upon closer examination that the window was not frosted over but rather shattered into 14.8 billion pieces (I counted.) Anyways, after I got to work I looked at the window and realized that the large circle you see in the top picture is about the size of a baseball. We filed a report with the police mostly for insurance reasons. But I am convinced that this was not an accident. It may have been a random act of vandalism but nonetheless, not an accident. This latest incident only compounds the belief of myself and Brook that 1st South or 300 North or Highway 48 (depending on where you are at in the county) is in fact cursed and has a vendetta against us and our pets. The score thus far is road: 5*; Cederstroms: 0.

*We have lost 1 cat, 2 dogs, a truck tail light (stolen) and now a car window to this road.