Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letters to Santa

This week we have jumped head first into the Christmas spirit! We have our tree up, our wreath on the door... ok that's about all the decor we have up yet, but still.... When David left after Thanksgiving he gave the girls a list of things they are supposed to be doing. So far we have checked item number 1 off the list.
1) Write letters to Santa

Monday, November 29, 2010

Elena's belated birthday presents

Elena was so excited when she heard that Daddy was bringing more birthday presents with him when he came home for Thanksgiving. Since these are the only pics I have of her birthday (so far) to share here they are!
Elena loves her new boots. She wants to wear them everyday. The thing she likes most is that she thinks she can walk in knee deep snow now, because she has her boots on!
What does Elena spend most of her time doing these days? Coloring on the white board that Grandma and Grandpa Cederstrom gave her.
These shoes are soooo cute, and Elena loves them!
Elena's BEAUTIFUL Christmas dress! She loves to wear her Christmas dresses. (and that is from the kid that won't let me do her hair most times cause she "wants to look like a boy")

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ella at the dentist

Ella went to the dentist for the 1st time this month. (well, this is the first time that she let anyone do anything. Last time she wouldn't even let them polish 1 or 2 of her teeth)

This is Ella supporting her super cool shades while she catches some rays from the dentist light.

Ella was so brave! She let them polish her teeth, floss her teeth, put fluoride on, and take X-rays! (That's a big leap from last time.)
Ella holds up her bag of goodies that the dentist gave her.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know for most of you this might be old new, but due to my pregnant brain that can't remember anything I was having complications logging into Blogger for awhile, so...
It's a Girl!!
This is the pic of our "gymnist" daughter. (yes, those are her toes touching her forehead)
Her adorable profile!

Her cute little face! Some people say they think this picture is creepy, but I LOVE IT!! I think that she looks a little like Ella.
Her long skinny feet. Another clue that she might look like Ella. Elena has small feet altogether, but Ella has always had super-long feet that are just as skinny as they are long.
With only about 3 more months to do, I can't wait to see this beautiful baby girl and hold her in my arms.