Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Pregnant

I'm feeling bad that I haven't posted any Christmas pics. We had a wonderful time in Utah with Cederstroms South, and I have pics to post, but I am feeling pregnant and tired today. I will try and post them soon! Chant the mantre... only 6 more weeks... ONLY 6 more weeks... dang I have 6 more weeks?!?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Baby...

Tell Santa what you want for Christmas...
I want a Bullseye flashlight and a Woody...

I want Wendy's Music Box and Polly Pockets...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Emmett Michael!!

Happy Birthday Emmett!
In order to celebrate Emmett's Birthday we took a bunch of hats to the hospital for the babies that share Emmett's birthday. The girls had a great time giving the presents to the moms. Ella would hand a present to each mom and then say "it's Emmett's birthday today!" It was so much fun to see them so excited.

These are all the hats I made to take to the hospital.

We had 10 different gifts bags that each had a card, an angel, and a hat. We handed out 6 of these bags ourselves and left 4 bags and 5 more hats for the nurses to hand out.

I can't say that we did a lot for Emmett's birthday, but these few hours that we spent at the hospital were wonderful. We were able to share happy moments with some moms and their babies and still remember our own angel baby that watches over us each day.
Oh my angel boy, how we miss you and wish you were here. Watch over us and remember that we love you even if you only spent a short amount of time here. This was all in memory of you!