Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Walk in the canyon

Tonight we went for a walk in the Canyon above Grandpa and Grandma Cederstrom's house in Springville.  We had so much fun enjoying nature and talking as a family.

The girls had a lot of fun on the walk looking for treasures and bugs.  They all got a little tired after awhile, though, and were ready to go home.

If you look really close on the road you can see the cricket that Evie wanted me to take a picture of.  All three girls were fascinated by it, but I wasn't fast enough to catch them all on camera.

This one reminds me of the movie "The Village" except it is the good color instead of the bad color.  The coolest part about this pick is that I didn't play around with the saturation at all.  The yellow really was this bright and the leaves really were that dull. 
Oh The Beauty of the EARTH.

Homemade Gummy Worms aka coolest jigglers ever!

Last week we decided to try something fun that we saw on pinterest...
Homemade Gummy Worms
It sounded like an awesome idea, and although they turned out a little different than we expected at first, they were still super fun.  So, first you make a small box of jello with only 2/3 c of water.  (we doubled this, which was 2 packs with 1 1/3 c of water)  Then let the jello cool until just warm to the touch.  While waiting arrange straws in something that will hold them up.  Next poor the jello into the straws like so...
 Next you play the waiting game... we had to let our worms sit in the fridge over night for them to set up completely.  Then you get the worms out.  Pinterest says to just push them out with a rolling pin, but after some trial and error I found that it works better if you run the straw under warm water for just a second to loosen the jello and then use a rolling pin to push them out.
The rest is history!  My kids loved slurping the jello like noodles.