Monday, March 17, 2008

My Lucky Charms

Today is:
Elena's 1st St. Patrick's day!
Here are my cute little leprachaun's in their greens. Hope everyone is having a lucky day!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Book Tag

I was tagged by TIFF...
(for those who read this last week...Tiff is not my sister she got this from HER sister, and I forgot to delete that...whoops!)

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
5. Tag 5 people

Book: "INFERNO OF DANTE" a new verse translation by ROBERT PINSKY

"Your image--dear, fatherly benevolent--
Being fixed inside my memory, has imbued
My heart: when in the fair world, hour by hour
You taught me, patiently, it was you who showed
The way man makes himself eternal; therefore,
The gratitude I feel toward you makes fit
That while I live, I should declare it here."

I tag Kari, Mary, Sherrie, Sherie, and Larry... I mean... how 'bout Jenn

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kari got me!!! I'm it!!

Brook was...
*Saying that Chocolate kisses are better than real ones (what did I know)
*Being the third wheel, so that my friends with "boyfriends" wouldn't get in trouble since they weren't 16 (Sherie....)
*Clearing the sidewalks with the notion that I was in driver's ed.
*Swimming in my last Jr. High Swim meet (aka advancing from being the oldest on the team, to being the youngest)
*Eating french fry baskets while we waited for Ballroom practice to start.
David was...
*I was saving money to go to Europe the first time for my photo tour I took between my junior and senior years.
*I was going to regular appointment with the orthodontist becauseI had braces at the time.
*I was not dating anyone because I was a loser in high school and never had a girlfriend.
*I was getting up very early for early morning seminary (b/c it rocks and is the only way to appreciate seminary.)
*I was running track for my high school doing the one mile and two mile races (long distance is the only way to run.)
* Getting stuck in the mud with all the members of the RC Rebellion
* Taking classes with guys that were way older than me, and PRETENDING that one of them might ask me out.
* Going country dancing every Wednesday night. (WAHOO)
* Being wrote off by my "missionary" (which was the best thing to happen to me)
*Preparing to meet the hottest man to ever look my direction!!
*I was working at Applebee's in Edmond, OK making lots of money and getting ready to move to BYU-Idaho.
* I was searching for dates so I would have friends when I got to Rexburg (little did I know that I would get a wife out of it.)
*I was attending the singles branch in OK dating on and off a woman that was an geologist for a oil and gas company (she was older than me) until I found out at church one Suday that she was engaged to some guy she had been dating before me that had been out of town for awhile.
*I can't say much about the geologist though because I had also been dating a returned missionary at the same time who broke it off when she went to BYU for the spring semester.
*I was downloading music off the internet which I abruptly stopped when it became illegal. Now I pay a small fee to download all the music I want.

*Finding out that I was pregnant the Monday after leaving Dave's parents, but keeping it a secret for another 2 months.
*Getting into the scariest church calling I have ever had...Scouts!!!
*Celebrating the one year anniversary of finishing college!!!
* Celebrating the birth of MACY!!! Happy Birthday next week MACY!!
* Wishing it was spring... Oh wait that is this time EVERY year!!
*We were working on making a baby (the most fun I have ever had.)
*I was teasing Brook about keeping her pregnancy a secret but I made it and did not spill the beans once.
*I was a counselor in the Sunday school presidency (easiest calling I have ever had.)
* I was woking at Target like always.
*I was registering for classes for the summer semester which began in April.

*Girl Scout Cookies!!! (It's that time of year again)
*Ice cream
* Pudding
*cold pizza
*cold lasagna
*cold stroganoff
*peeps (try the new cocoa ones, they are oh so good)
*Ice cream

*Pay off my house (and all our other debt)
*Take Dave to Germany for graduation
*Buy a new car
* Take my whole family to Hawaii, so my mom could live her "dream" that we all go swimming with the dolphins
*Quit working with crabby women FOREVER (long week at work...long story)
*pay off all my debt
*buy a newer car
*invest it somewhere so I would only have to use the interest earned and leave the principle alone
*go to Europe at least once a year for a couple of weeks at a time
*buy a new house

*Ace of Cakes
*Project Runway
*Top Chef
*ANTM (I can only use the acronym so I do not incriminate myself)
* Dancing with the Stars
*Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
*CSI:Las Vegas (the others don't compare.)
*History's Mysteries
*Myth Busters

*Being the center of attention
*paying bills
*performing in front of others
*cleaning out the litter box
*picking up your dead pet off the road

*Having a beautiful baby girl to hold and love
*Having a beautiful almost-3-year-old to teach me patience
*Knowing that I can have an eternal family
*Girl Scout Cookies (ok, so I like them, what can say?)
*Sleeping next to my lovey dovey husband
*having all of my credit cards caught up (not paid off, just not late.)
*having the beginnings of food storage in the garage
*have cats that have survived living on our road long enough to eat adult cat food
*finding out that some of the hometeaching companionships in the elders quroum that have not done their hometeaching in the past are actually doing it now
*not having to live paycheck to paycheck (at least for now.)

I tag anyone who is AWESOME enough to be IT!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Adventures in motherhood: Ella's mess

Yeah, so I learned a lesson about letting your 2-year-old play in the living room while you sleep today. I woke up a few times this morning, but Ella was playing nicely, so I thought "I can go back to sleep for a bit." When I woke up this is what I found.
If you cannot tell this is kitty food. NOT ONLY is it kitty food, but most of it is WET Kitty Food!

The red arrows in these pictures are pointing to the layers of salt that she poured everywhere. Hey atleast if we ever decide to taste Elena's car seat, it will be salted!!

Just when I thought the messes were all over....

If you closely at her legs, you will see they are covered in marker! Alas! (that was for you Mary) Another adventure in motherhood....

Editor's note: after this was originally posted, Ella ate half of a cake I was making for tomorrow...I'm glad this day is over.