Thursday, September 24, 2009

Udder Covers

I saw this great deal on a friend's blog today. Go to choose the "Udder Cover" that you like, put it in your cart, type backorder in for the promo code, and pay $8.95 for shipping. You will get your very own "Udder Cover." Usually they are $32.00 plus the $8.95 shipping, so this is a GREAT deal.
(P.S. For those of you who don't know Udder Covers are breastfeeding covers)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ella's first Dance Class

Lately Ella has been watching a couple of different Barbie movies and has become very into dancing around the house. Today was her very first dance class. It was fun watching her, she did a really good job. Her only complaint was that they didn't do enough "Barbie Dancing."

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Hatcheting of Ella Jean

We had a minor accident today in our house, that left Ella looking like she took a hatchet to the head. It kind of reminds me of when someone shook ketchup and massacred my brother... David was getting leftover noodles for the girls today. Elena decided that he wasn't moving fast enough and pulled the spaghetti sauce off of the stove. For awhile we thought that it was just ALL OVER THE FLOOR until I saw sauce on Ella's shirt which led to us finding the stripe down the back of her head and down the back of her legs. Thus, another Boyle Family Hatcheting Story ends happily.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Levi Quilt Project: Part 2

I am so excited that I am actually moving along with this project. While Ella was at school Elena and I went to my mom's and I finally got to sew!! This is the top of Ella's quilt. It turned out so cute!! Now I just have to put the back on and tye the quilt. The other quilts are still in piles waiting to be sewn, but at least this one is mostly done!! Keep watching for glimpses of the other quilts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You know your child is growing up when...

Today I was trying to convince my 4 year old daughter, Ella, that taking a nap would be a good thing. (This is David by the way.) Of course, she wouldn't go for it. I thought I could at least outsmart her. Alas, it did not work. In fact she turned the same logic back on me attempting to mimic me. I said, "Ok, you have two choices. You can either take a nap or go to sleep." She responded by saying, "No, these are the choices. I can watch a movie or play."

For crying out loud, she is only 4 years old! I thought I was supposed to have more control over her, at least for another 9 years. Oh well, maybe I should just get used to being relegated to the position of "the old guy that thinks he knows what's best but really has no idea". That way when she officially becomes a teenager it will not be much of a change.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy Torture 101

The other day we were cleaning the living room and Ella was whining a little more than Dave thought she should. To make a long story short she SOMEHOW ended up in the laundry basket upside down. As miserable as she looks in this picture she was laughing and crying like she couldn't decide if it was fun or not!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Levi Quilt Project: Part 1

If you are anything like me than somewhere in your house you have a huge pile of old jeans that you have the best intentions of making a quilt out of someday. We are no different. We have been collecting jeans since we first got married. For a long time we had dreams of making a huge camping quilt like my mom's. Well, after my Grandma died I inherited her huge levi quilt, so I didn't need to make one for our family anymore. Even though we now had our own levi quilt, we still had a pile of old jeans sitting in our closet. The last time that we went camping we put the big levi quilt down under the kids and due to the inclement weather wished we had it to put over ourselves. It was at that point that I decided that for Christmas I was going to make twin size levi quilts for each of our kids to use when we went camping. Usually when I start a project like this I have the best intentions but I get stuck somewhere in the middle. Maybe it is the nesting instinct in me since I'm pregnant but this time I decided I was going to finish the project.
After cutting who knows how many pairs of jeans (I know I have six waist bands sitting on my floor) I have all three quilts cut out now. I just have to sew them and find back for two of them. My mom found this really cool piece of fabric at the DI that I am using for the back of one of the quilts but it will have to be a surprise what it looks like!

Anyway.... Wish me luck and hopefully in the next few weeks/months I will have some pictures of finished quilts to post.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That's what: Part 3

I realized today that I never posted the results to the WHAT IS IT? yesterday.
Last week we (well, I should say Dave) were looking for something to eat for dinner, and David decided he was going to make homemade pizza. Well, the only things he could find to put on the pizza were mushrooms, bacon, and corn... yeah, I know corn is really weird! I guess they bought a pizza in Germany once that said it was an "All-American" pizza that had corn on it, so he decided it would be alright here too. I really had to get past the corn. I couldn't think about it when eating it. But, it actually was pretty tasty.
So, I guess the closest person to guessing was Tianna. YAY TIANNA!!!