Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Cederstrom Halloween Party

Halloween Season has officially begun!  Our pumpkins are in the yard, we have a brand new scarecrow built, and we attended the 2012 Annual Cederstrom Halloween Party in Utah this weekend!  There is no better way to kick off the week before Halloween than this Halloween event. Now although, it is 12:50 AM and I need to be in bed, I know Jenn will check out the blog, and she HAS to have some Halloween Party Pics to show everyone.  So here are a few snapshots of the festivities.
A Party is not a party without the GRUB!

The Fortune Teller telling Fortunes.
The Fortune Teller handed out these AWESOME Fortune Cookie Cupcakes.  

 Halloween Jepardy!
 The Witches Poison Candied Apples

 Grandpa and Evie E. sitting at the table.
 Baby Pirate Evie with Mad Madam Mim
 Get caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventures in cake land

I had a cake request, so you all get to see some of the fun things I have been doing with my "cake business" lately.  (It's not really a business if you don't make money, but....)
This Barbie Cake was for Ella Jeaner's 7th birthday.  It was lots of fun to make!
This fish cake has become one of people's favorites I've ever made because it is so odd.  It was for someone's dad's 70th birthday party.  It was crazy big, but pretty fun to make.

This wedding cake was for my niece.  It was such an awesome day, and I was so glad to share it with her.

Now this cake madness is from a Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser I did this last Saturday.  All ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY CUPCAKES were a huge hit, and I managed to maintain my sanity so things are good! (By the way to more fully get the picture, what you are seeing is the inside of my van.  We had to take ALL the seats out in order to fit all of it in!  CRAZY!!!)