Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy 34th Birthday Daddy!

A day or two ago, David and I were talking and he was saying that his birthday felt different this year.  Not only did we  not really have anything planned, but he also got to stay home with the kids while I worked a ten hour shift at Wal-Mart.  As I was leaving I wished him a Happy Birthday and realized that I forgot to remind the girls that it was daddy's birthday.  The fun thing about kids is if they know it is your birthday they are going to go out of their way to say something cute or do something fun to make your birthday special.  The problem is that they have to remember when the birthdays are.  On my way to work I called Ella and reminded her it was her dad's birthday.  I thought they would wish him Happy Birthday and maybe make him a card, but with the help of Grandpa, Grandma, and myself they make Daddy's birthday pretty fun.
Halfway through the day Grandpa and Grandma came to the house, brought Dave his present of antique books, and took Dave and the kids to lunch.  While they were out the kids said they wanted to buy "dad" a present, so Grandma helped them find a present.  They also told Grandma that they wanted to make cupcakes him.  Grandma convinced them to let Grandpa buy him some, which turned into them buying a birthday cake.  The kids now had cake and a present hidden in Ella's room waiting for me to come home.  
 After work Elena called me and asked me if I would get some candles for the cake.  Just for fun I picked up some "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" plates and masks to go with the cake.
 We also had pizza to eat.
 The girls were really harnessing their inner Ninja Turtle.
 When came time to light the THIRTY-FOUR candles, even David was afraid of the fire hazzard.
 When just the light from the candles on you cake is enough to light the room, you know you are getting old!

The day ended up people much more eventful than anyone expected.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Halloween Treat

First things first... watch the video
So, on Halloween night our cat was acting kinda funny.  We thought maybe he was afraid of our dog that usually lives at my in-laws.  Upon closer evaluation we figured out that he was afraid Ella who was dressed up as a black cat for Halloween.  It was the funniest thing ever!  He got so scared/mad I was afraid he was going to attack her if she didn't leave him alone.  Hope you got as much of a kick out of our "Scaredy Cat" as we did!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome home Ezekiel

 After 11 days in the NICU our little guy was finally able to come home so we could all be together as a family.
 The girls were so excited to finally have him home. They still fight over holding him.
 Last night Zeke got his first bath.  He was so funny he cross when he first got in the water and then he fell asleep like it was spa day or something.

 When I was drying his hair it went really curly while it was wet.  It was pretty straight again once it dried.
 He is so handsome with his hair clean and his adorable clothes on.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ella, Elena, and Evie present 8 YEARS OF FUN WITH JEN!

After celebrating Jennifer's birthday yesterday we thought it would fun to take a trip down memory lane and remember all the fun things we have done with Jen our entire lives!  WE LOVE YOU JEN!
 Sharlie's wedding 2006
Christmas 2007
Sledding 2008
 Ella's dance recital 2009
 Christmas time 2010


Hot tubbing 2012 
Beach House Christmas 2012
 Jackson Trip 2013
Witch's Tea 2013 
Evie's birthday 2014


Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Evie Elizabeth!

Happy FROZEN Birthday Evie!
Tonight we celebrated Evie's 3rd birthday a little bit early at Grandpa and Grandma Cederstrom's house.  Ever since she saw the movie "Frozen" Evie has been quoting it, listening to music, and talking about Sven and Olaf.  It was a no brainer that she would love a "Frozen" birthday party.
We started off our night with some wonderful post-fast dinner that Aunt Jenn made for us.  Evie was more than happy to eat her broccoli trees!  After dinner we plaid a funny game where we tried to guess Disney characters.  Next Evie got to open her birthday presents from Grandpa, Grandma, Jenn, Steph, and Catherine.  She was so excited to get some book and...
her VERY OWN Radio Flyer Tricycle!!  She was so excited to get her own "bike" that she would hardly smile for the camera!
Next we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream!
Evie was pretty excited that her cake had Sven, Olaf, Elsa and Anna on it.  I think this is the first year that she really blew out her candle on her own.  Usually one of her super helpful Older Sisters sneaks in and blows them out for her!

Super Yummy Birthday Cake!
We celebrated with...
Evie, Jenn, Elena, Ella...
Stephanie and Dave's cousin Ryan...
and Grandpa and Grandma Cederstrom.

Happy Birthday Evie Boo!  I can't believe that you are already 3!  It is crazy!