Friday, June 20, 2008

Helpful Hint #1

Don't put a battery in your pocket with spare change, unless you want to start your pants on fire.
Funny story... we were driving in the car tonight and David was talking on the phone to Lisa when all of a sudden he started slapping his pants and trying to get something out of his pocket. He told Lisa his pants were on fire and hung up the phone. Well, his pants weren't on fire but the change in his pocket was touching both poles of the battery, so it started to get very VERY hot. You never know what you will learn by just putting a battery in your pocket.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Redneck Intuition

It is amazing sometimes how desperation results in inspiration. Last night I wanted to put Elena in the tub with Ella, but the only thing I have for Elena to sit in is her baby tub that takes up the entire tub, so I got looking around for something she could sit in. What-do-you-know! I found this crate and it worked perfect!!! OF COURSE I had to stay right by the tub in case she fell, but she actually sat up in it fine the whole time!! It comes to show, if you need a solution look around and you'll usually find something that will work. Call me a redneck, but I think it was pretty clever!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today was the first time in a long time that it has been warm enough (and we have been home) that we thought it would be worth it to set up our little swimming pools. Ella immediately got in and started getting wet, and between her and Dave they had me soaked. Elena and Macy took a little bit longer to decide they liked the water. We splashed and played in the little splash pool, and then... the WILD BUNCH showed up!!!

My mom was watching Lisa's boys today, and I told her she could bring them to come and play in the water with us, and when they played, THEY PLAYED!! They had tons of fun splashing and run through the water, but most of all throwing and kicking balls at David's head. But, it was a lot of fun watching everyone have so much fun in the water.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Princess Tubby goes to the Luau

Once upon a time there was kitty, and although he was boy kitty, he was known far and wide as princess tubby. (Ask Ella, she named him) One day Princess Tubby was invited to a Luau, but princess tubby didn't have a thing to wear so he went and visited his stylist. After an exasperating hour of trying on clothes Tubby found the perfect outfit. The End.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Perhaps you are wondering why I have not been posting, commenting, e-mailing, or even getting on the internet lately. Well, this is why...

What you see to your left is the cover for the 2008 Jefferson County Stampede Rodeo Program. The fact that I have the cover to show you is a relief in and of itself, but the programs are all printed and picked up and waiting in my car. (Brook's shoulders instantly feel 100 lbs lighter as the weight of the rodeo program stress floats away into cyber space...)
For those of you who do not know, I take all of the ads that people buy for the rodeo program and paste them together every year. So from about the first week in May to the second week in June, the rodeo program is about all I think about. So you can expect me to being social and joining in a little bit more now that the program is done.

Ella's Princess Birthday!!

Ok, so I am finally posting the pictures from Ella's birthday. Sorry it took so long, but I have had a hundred things happening lately.

Yes, so anyone that knows Ella, or who has talked to her in the last two months knows that she wanted to have a PRINCESS party for her birthday. Dave's family wasn't originally sure that they could stay for Ella's party on Memorial Day, so they had her open the presents from them while we were at the cabin. She got a fairy night gown, little mermaid flip-flops, a couple very cute outfits, some books, and her homemade Cinderella sleeping bag. (which she absolutely loves) Later that night Jen helped Ella make a crown for herself, and princess hats for all the girls that were coming to her party. Ella had so much fun!! It was great!! (Thank you to Jen for always being so creative!)

So, for Ella's party the girls all wore their princess hats (for as long as they could stand) and we had Disney Princess plates, cups, napkins, etc. THIS is Ella's PRINCESS CAKE!!! Besides the fact that I ran a little short on time completing it, it turned out really well. I think Ella really liked it, which is the best part of making any cake. Especially when it is your own kid!! Ella did such a good job blowing out her candles, until... ok so we accidently put a trick candle on her cake. She blew and blew, and then all the other kids blew and blew, and finally we just had to put it out.

Ella got some really fun princess things from all of her friends and family. THANK YOU to all of you that came, it was a lot of fun!! (I'm sorry that I didn't list everything that she got, I have a hard time remembering in my old age....)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures from Grandma's funeral

Here are the pictures from Grandma's funeral. You all can decide which ones you like best and download the one's you want.